What It Takes to Consult in the Financial Industry

The world of financing is stressful, nerve-wracking, exciting, and rewarding all during the same day. Managing money, portfolios, and investments for other people is not a task to be envied. Most people have difficulty managing their own meager earnings let alone managing finances for anyone else. Fortunately, there are management consulting firms for clients in the financial services industry.


Established firms, such as Cane Bay Partners co-founded by Kirk Chewning, offer a variety of services to help clients enjoy better business results. Consulting on topics like risk management, product development, collections modeling and service provider analysis, among others, takes a team approach. Marketing specialists, designers, risk analysts, and digital media managers under the direction of executives with years of experience in financing work together to provide solutions for clients.

The goal is to develop models and processes that will save clients money as they serve the interests of their own clients. This can be done on a national and international scope but is more successful when accomplished at the local level. The economics of an area, the specific challenges, and lifestyles all have impacts on the current and financial needs of the population and the community. Benefit from customized services and solutions instead of cookie-cutter advice that could fit any situation.

Employment Opportunities

Team members are currently needed to assist Cane Bay Partners in providing services to the financial industry located on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. People who meet minimum qualifications are invited to visit the website and fill out an application right online. Find founding partners on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook to ask questions about the firm and the expectations for team members.

Why dream of retiring to an island paradise when you can go work on one now? Those ready to work and live in a beautiful and relaxing setting can abandon the noise and hustle of a city. Cool breezes, a laid-back atmosphere, plenty of outdoor activities, and postcard-worthy sunsets await you after a hard day at work. There is nothing to lose by considering it and filling out an application. Speak to the family or a significant other and get their opinions.