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Choosing a Termite Damage Company

Finding termites in your home can be such a burden, but it doesn’t have to be the same with finding the right pest damage service. Still, with the high toxicity of chemicals used to eliminate termites, you have to choose a company that will provide treatment following the strictest safety protocols.

Here are a few considerations before hiring a pest damage company:

License and Certification

First of all, pick a termite damage company that meets your state’s licensing requirements and is certified. Keep in mind that licensing requirements are different from state to state. As well, make sure to hire a company with a license specific to termite damage, as not all pest damage companies are licensed to handle termites.

However, don’t just take a company’s word for it when they say they are licensed and certified. You have to do your own research regarding this. Ask your prospective company for their license numbers and certification details and verify the information with your secretary of state and the certification issuer.

It’s also wise to speak to some of their past clients to know how happy they were with the results, and whether or not the problem recurred.


Aside from being licensed and certified, you’d also like a termite damage company to be insured, and you have to verify that coverage as well. This step is crucial in terms of termites. Homeowners’ insurance usually excludes termite treatment or repairs, so you’re basically on your own when it comes to protecting your property. Warranties with a damage clause are also not commonly offered by pest damage companies. Before signing a contract that has a damage clause, make sure you understand exactly what it covers. If a warranty program is too expensive for you, at least get a termite inspection once a year.

The Treatment

Ask the prospective company what exactly they plan to do to eradicate your termite problem. Will they be using baits or traps? What chemicals? For your reference, make them present your plan to you in black and white. Let each of your prospective company do that and make comparisons.

The Fine Print

In several parts of the country, pest damage services are divided into general pest damage and termite damage. Ensure that your contract covers the specific type of service you’re looking for. Also take time to read the contract thoroughly and understand every detail. Most definitely, you should have a written contract because this will protect you against an unscrupulous company.

Your Intuition

Lastly, if a company somehow makes you feel ill at ease, it may not be wise to work with them. Note that will not be a one-shot transaction. Pest damage technicians will have to visit your home every now and then, so it’s important that you are completely comfortable with the idea.

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